Rex the Maltese

white maltese's head

This is Rex the Maltese. A Maltese is an ancient breed of dog that are good companions. Rex is white and was born in 2010. He mostly runs around and sleeps all day. His friends are Smokie, a young Beagle dog; Savannah, a white Morkie dog; and Remus, a tan Chug dog. Rex likes to jump on your lap and rest there. He likes to play with Smokie a lot during the day and night. For fun, he plays fetch and tug of war. If you start howling, Rex will howl with you. The following are photos and videos of Rex and some of his friends.


maltese laying down on a seat

Rex laying down on a seat

maltese on recliner sleepy

Rex resting on a recliner

maltese on all fours looking into a room

Rex checking out the room

white morkie on bed looking down at white maltese

Savannah the Morkie looking down at Rex the Maltese

maltese standing, begging for food

Rex begging for food


Rex howling

Rex trying to get some sleep

Coming down stairs at night

Dog Friends

Smokie the Beagle
Savannah the Morkie
Remus the Chug

Rex the Maltese